Our Infant/Toddler Program serves children from ages 6 weeks to 2.5 years old. The teacher/child ratio is 1 to 3 for infants and 1 to 4 for toddlers. Each child is assigned a primary care giver who attends to the daily needs of the babies in their group and also provides parents with the majority of both formal & informal communication. All families are registered in our Parent App after they're enrolled. Each day after you pick up your child you will receive an email alert. Our daily reports will have your child's diaper schedule, sleep times, and food intake as well as all activity description with accompanied photos. 

Care at this age is characterized by child/care giver attachments, sensory experiences, and nurturing. 

Our Infant/ Toddler Room is staffed by loving and attentive teachers who are truly blessed by their ability to care for infants.

Toddlers in this program are intruduced to "Mother Goose Time"  Early Learning Curriculum"